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Effective August 5, 2019, there is a new format for reporting CLE credit earned by Illinois licensed attorneys at your Illinois accredited courses.

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Provider Forms:

Providers of approved Illinois courses must maintain course participant lists, issue attendance and teaching certificates, and collect course evaluations. These forms help providers meet the provider’s requirements. Click on the links to download.

Providers must submit to the MCLE Board the name, ARDC registration number, completion date, and actual hours earned. Providers who wish to learn about creating an import file containing attorney-specific attendance, scroll to the section below titled "PCAM: Import Interface Design (Batch Processing)."

Your choice. Keep attendance information in your own system, or use one of our attendance forms to keep you organized. Open and save a copy in the format of your choice to begin collecting the required data now.

Form 3: Attendance Form (Excel) (Revised July, 2019)

Form 3: Attendance Form (Word) (Revised August 28, 2019)

Certificates can be generated upon submission of Illinois attorney attendance/teaching in PCAM.

Providers denied approval of a course or individual attorneys who have attended it may file a request for reconsideration to the Director within 30 days of the accreditation decision.  If the Director decides that the course denial was appropriate, the provider has 30 days from that decision’s date to submit an appeal to the Board.

Form 9: Request for Reconsideration/Appeal of Denial of Individual Course Accreditation (Revised 2019)

Certificates can be generated upon submission of Illinois attorney attendance/teaching in PCAM.

Certificates can be generated upon submission of Illinois attorney attendance/teaching in PCAM.

This form is for any Illinois attorney who teaches part-time – either at an ABA-accredited law school, or a law course at a university, college or community college – earns credit. Lawyers employed full-time by the school are not eligible for this credit. The school issues a teaching certificate reflecting: (1) Actual presentation time plus (2) Preparation time for law school courses only (three times the actual presentation time).

This form is an example. Attorneys may direct school administrators to it to issue teaching credit. To request a copy of this form, contact the MCLE Board by sending us a message from the Contact Us tab, or calling at (312) 924-2420.

Judging one or two sessions of a moot court argument by students of an ABA-accredited law school earns teaching credit. The law school or other host issues a certificate reflecting: (1) Actual presentation time (total time of the argument divided by number of judges on the panel) plus (2) Preparation time (three times the actual presentation time). Rule 795(d)(6)(i).

Form 10b2: Moot Court Certificate of Teaching

At the end of an Illinois-accredited course, the provider must distribute to each participant an evaluation which assesses course content, instruction and written materials.

Form 12: Course Evaluation Form (Word Document)

Form 12: Course Evaluation Form (PDF)

NEW! PCAM Attendance Import Interface Design (Batch Processing) - Attendance Reporting

PCAM Attendance Import TEMPLATE. To be used with attendance batch import instructions.
SPECIAL NOTE: This is a template, rows beginning with the "#" symbol serve as headers to guide persons who may be new to creating an import file. See the definitions for each column in the Attendance Import Instructions.

COURSE IMPORT: Advanced technical document. PCAM Course Import Interface Design (Batch Processing) Version 1 (revised August 19, 2019)

This course import process is available only to MCLE Board approved annual Accredited CLE Course Providers (ACLEP) in good standing. July 1, 2019 rule changes: (1) PCAM Course ID, (2) professional responsibility PerSegment topics, and (3) clarifications for LVA and RVA streamlined delivery methods.

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