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What course data can I edit after a course is in Approved status?

Once a course application is in “Approved” status, PCAM prevents providers from changing the information on which the Board based its accreditation decision (e.g., approved hours, course dates, and delivery methods).

However, after a course is approved, you may still change the options to:

  • Open to the Public?  Yes or No.
  • Course site link.
  • Request professional responsibility credit for review by the Commission on Professionalism.
  • Course location (if changed before the course start date). 
  • Mark the course as a sample course for an Accredited Provider’s annual report.
  • Change the end date of a recorded course to an earlier date than the provider initially requested – for example, if the provider decides the material is no longer relevant or will no longer be sold (see Instructions for ending a recorded course’s credit eligibility at the bottom of this page).  
  • Edit the course’s accreditation status (e.g., “pending,” “approved”) in other MCLE states.
To make these edits, log into PCAM and click “Manage Courses.” Select the pencil icon (“Edit after Approval”) next to the course you’re changing. Click through each screen, remembering to click “Next” at the bottom of each after making any needed edits. On the Final Review page, check that your information is correct, then click “Finish.”

The provider cannot edit any other information for an accredited course.

To avoid making repeated requests based on input errors, please recheck your information before submitting your course application as final in PCAM.

Instructions for ending a recorded course’s credit eligibility 

The provider will need to end the course’s credit eligibility if the recorded course’s content becomes outdated or if the provider decides to stop offering the course for Illinois MCLE credit. Once the course provider does that, no attendance report will be due after the month in which the accreditation ends.

Here’s how: 

  1. In PCAM, locate the course, and select the Edit icon to the left of the course title. 
  2. On the Delivery Methods page, edit the recorded availability end date to the current date or a date in the future that does not exceed the already entered media availability end date.
Important: click “Next” at the bottom of every page, so you advance through the pages and save your changes. Select “Finish” on the final page to submit the change.

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