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Who is responsible for issuing certificates to those teaching accredited CLE courses? 

Supreme Court Rule(s) cited in this FAQ: Rule 795.

Given the importance of accurate information for attorneys, course providers agree to issue a certificate to every Illinois attorney who teaches their accredited CLE programs that reflects correct information about credits earned from that teaching. The teaching certificate needs to be issued to each teacher known to the provider as an Illinois-licensed attorney, even if the presenter doesn’t request it.

We strongly suggest the provider use the teaching certificates issued by PCAM. If you use another form, it must document all of the information in the PCAM-issued certificate, including:

  • Provider’s name.
  • Presenter’s name.
  • Course title, date, and location.
  • Title of segment(s) taught by presenter (if the course had segments).
  • Start and end times for the course and for any segment(s) taught by presenter.
  • Number of Illinois CLE hours earned, including the hours and type of professional responsibility credit (general PR credit, diversity/inclusion PR credit, and mental health PR credit).
Attorneys do not fill out their own teaching certificates. Rule 795(d)(5).

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