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What are the steps for a provider to accredit and offer a course via live technology or recording?

Here are the steps for a provider to accredit and offer a course via live technology or recording:

  1. Enter the course into PCAM with the “live technology” or “recorded” delivery method--you can choose both. We encourage you to select both in the application to save the cost of filing a second application later for the other delivery method.

  2. Create then maintain an attendance list of participants. That list must include each attorney’s name, ARDC number, and contact information. Attorneys can retrieve their ARDC numbers here using their last name (as recorded on the Illinois master roll of attorneys), birth date, and last four digits of their social security number.

  3. Establish a method to verify attendance during the course because, under the Court’s MCLE Rules, an attorney earns credit by actual participation only. Providers who utilize Zoom or other virtual meeting software can visually verify participation throughout a live technology course. 

    The provider can choose the method to verify attendance that works best for the situation. Here are examples of other methods to consider for live technology courses or recorded courses:

    - Create a certification or verification form for each attorney to sign (can be electronic or in hard copy), attesting that the attorney participated in the entire course and did not take any unscheduled breaks;

    - During the live event or the recording session, have a speaker announce code words or a combination of letters and numbers (example: BXQ7389) periodically during the presentation that the attorney then has to email or otherwise submit to the provider’s designated representative for verification. In consideration of those using closed captioning, the speaker on camera should also hold up a card with the exact code words or combination of letters and numbers written on it;

    - Utilize polling questions throughout the course and require that an attorney answer at least 70 percent to earn MCLE credit. During a live-technology course, the provider will likely be able to document that level of participation. For a recorded course, the provider can require that attorneys submit their answers to the polling questions to the provider’s designated representative for verification. While attendance polling is not required, a provider can choose to use it, especially if the provider offers a course for MCLE credit in another state that requires attendance polling.

  4. Enter attendance into PCAM as you would for an in-person course with each attorney’s actual participation time (rounded down to the closest quarter-hour). Enter attorneys who participated via live technology under the live technology heading and enter attorneys who participated via recorded technology under the recorded heading.

  5. Prepare and distribute attendance certificates to the participants, as well as teaching certificates to the speakers. PCAM generates attendance and teaching certificates based on the attendance and teaching time that you entered for each attorney.

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