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As a provider, how do I appeal when the Board denied a course application or accredited a course for reduced hours?

If the Board notifies you that your individual course application has been denied or approved for reduced hours, you need to take action. You must promptly notify each attorney who attended the course and requested Illinois CLE credit for it.

Then, the provider or individual attorney attendees may request reconsideration of the initial decision by filing a completed “Request for Reconsideration/Appeal of Denial of Individual Course” within 30 days of the denial. When this request is submitted, the Director (or the Director’s designee) reviews and considers it within 30 days of its receipt, then promptly notifies the provider and, if an attorney submitted the appeal, that attorney. 

Course appeals are based on the materials and information submitted in the initial application, including the provider’s responses to any Provider Action Required notices.  New materials or information cannot be considered in an appeal, as the Board denied the course based on the provider’s submission at that time.

If the Director (or the Director’s designee) confirms the denial, the provider has 30 days from that decision’s date to submit an appeal to the MCLE Board. The Board will consider any appeal at its next scheduled meeting. Requests for reconsideration or appeals do not stay any submission deadlines or fee payments for either the course provider or attorneys who attended the course.

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