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What are the general requirements for submitting an individual course application?

Supreme Court Rule(s) cited in this FAQ: Rule 795.

First, you must obtain access to the Board’s online system called PCAM. To learn more, go to “Apply to Become a Provider ” in the “Provider” section of this website. Once you understand the responsibilities and deadlines, request access to PCAM, and secure that access, please note this important information about individual course applications:

Course content must adhere to Rule 795(a)’s standards, so please familiarize yourself with them.

To avoid late fees when submitting a course application, you must enter data and submit the correct payment in PCAM on or before the course start date. When your entry in your PCAM course list is “Completed for Review,” you have submitted your course application.
Course applications submitted after the course start date incur late application fees. The Court sets the late application fees and the two-year deadline to apply, so Board staff cannot waive those fees or the deadline.

You have submitted your application to accredit a course to the Board when:

  1. The provider completes course data entry in PCAM; and 
  2. The Board receives the correct fee (including any late fees). 
After the Board receives a complete application, it enters the course review queue. The Board may take three to four weeks to review the application and communicate its decision. Incomplete applications will delay this process.

Once the Board begins reviewing an application, the fees paid to submit that application are non-refundable. Rule 795(c)(1). The fees are non-refundable whether the application is ultimately approved or denied.

If you want to secure course approval before the course begins, you must submit a complete application (status in PCAM is “Completed for Review”) at least 45 days before the course start date.

A provider may offer the same live course content (in person, live webinar, live audio, or video conference) more than once, either on the same date or a different date. If you offer a course more than once, you need a separate application (including the application fee and any late fees) for each time you present it. 

PCAM’s function to “Copy Course” helps when you apply to accredit the same course content offered at another time. Remember to edit the dates and other course data to reflect correct data before submitting the new course application(s) as final.

For a single multi-date educational program (e.g., four Tuesdays in a row), one application is sufficient for the whole program. The provider may also elect to apply to accredit each identifiable segment as a course then enter attendance for each segment.

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