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Thanks for your interest in offering courses for Illinois MCLE credit. Read this page to learn about course requirements, the course application process and provider responsibilities, including important deadlines and fees.

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Course Requirements and Provider Responsibilities

All Illinois CLE courses must meet the standards in the MCLE Rules and MCLE Board policies.

Online Course Application Process - PCAM

The MCLE Board’s online Provider Course Accreditation Management system is PCAM. Providers submit all course-related information (applications, attorney attendance data and fees) via PCAM.

Attendance Reporting

Providers must collect and report, attorney ARDC numbers, names, completion dates and hours earned and report them in PCAM.

Instructions for entering attendance data in PCAM are located on the Support tab of our website.

Fee Schedule and Deadlines

Fee Schedule, Section B Individual Course Provider

Course Application Fees and Deadlines

A course application is submitted only when the course is entered in PCAM and the Board receives the appropriate application fee. Each presentation of the same live program, including the same date or other dates, requires its own application with application fee (including any late fees).

Fee Description  Deadline to Submit in PCAM and Board to Receive Payment  Fee 
Course application
On or before course start date  $50.00
Tier 1 course
late fee
1 to 30 days after course start date  $125.00 plus $50.00 course application fee
Tier 2 course
late fee
31 to 730 days after course start date  $500.00 plus $50.00 course application fee and $125.00 Tier 1 course late fee

Monthly Attendance Reporting Deadlines and Fees

Fee Description  Deadline to Enter in PCAM and Board to Receive Payment  Fee 
Attendance Fee*
Last day of the month following the month in which the attorney completed the course.  $0.75 per accredited hour for each attorney issued Illinois MCLE credit
Attendance late fee Late fee added for attendance data entered or attendance fee received by the MCLE Board after the last day of the month following the month in which the attorney completed the course. All providers are subject to this fee regardless of entity type.  $25.00 per course per day regardless of the number of attorney attendance entries.

*Attendance fees are required of most providers. See the Fee Schedule  for those providers excluded from the $0.75 attendance fee requirement.

Example: The deadline to report attendance data and pay monthly attendance fees is December 31, 2020 for an attorney who completed the course in November, 2020.

Administrative Change Fee

There is a $25.00 administrative change fee for each request to change course data in PCAM: (1) course date changes (new date date must be after the date the course was initially submitted to the Board); (2) course withdrawal request; (3) credit hour changes (up to .50 hours); (4) delivery method changes. 


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