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How many minutes are in one credit hour in Illinois?

Supreme Court Rule(s) cited in this FAQ: Rule 795.

60 minutes.

A course’s accredited hours are rounded down to the nearest quarter hour. A course must have at least one-half hour of actual instruction, except in specific, limited cases. Rule 795(a)(7) and (e). Here are the calculations for minutes less than an hour:

0-14 minutes: No credit
15-29 minutes: .25 hours
30-44 minutes: .50 hours
45-59 minutes: .75 hours

Note: When the provider schedules a meal within a program, at least 15 minutes must be allocated to the meal and deducted from the course time. If the agenda reflects that the meal begins at least 15 minutes before the course starts (e.g., lunch at noon, the course begins at 12:30), the Board will not deduct the 15-minute meal time in the review process.

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