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What determines if bar association or professional organization meetings qualify for CLE credits?

Supreme Court Rule(s) cited in this FAQ: Rule 795.

The meeting must include a discussion of or instruction on substantive law, matters of practice, professionalism, diversity/inclusion, mental health/substance abuse, civility, or legal ethics. The discussion or instruction must include significant intellectual, educational or practical content, have a primary objective of increasing each participant’s professional competence as an attorney, and deal primarily with matters related to the practice of law. 

While the Rules state that CLE courses and activities should include thorough and carefully prepared written materials, the Board recognizes that bar or professional association meetings of one hour or less may not have them. Thus, written materials are encouraged but not required for these meetings. Rule 795(a)(5).

Each meeting is eligible for no more than one hour of MCLE credit. Providers must enter these meetings in PCAM and issue attendance certificates to each meeting attendee in written or electronic form, stating the number of earned CLE hours (including professional responsibility). If you have attendance questions, please contact the bar association or professional organization directly.

When such a meeting includes a meal or other refreshments, the provider must allocate at least 15 minutes to the meal with no CLE credit for that time. Alcohol cannot be served immediately before course content is presented or during the course as it is not conducive to a learning environment. Alcohol may be served after the course content is complete for the day. Rule 795(d)(3).

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