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What is an attorney ARDC number?

The Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission (“ARDC”) issues each attorney a unique, 7-digit ID as part of the admission process. The ARDC number is the attorney’s Illinois law license number. 

The ARDC number is not a bar or association membership number as those organizations are separate voluntary membership groups. If a number is not seven digits, it is not an ARDC number.

Providers who need to report attorney-specific attendance data must obtain this number from the attorney. Attorneys who do not know their ARDC number can find it at: ARDC Registration - Forgot Username.
An attorney’s ARDC number is not public information. Course providers should put in place mechanisms to ensure you are getting that number directly from the attorney and that the number is accurate. You can use the attorney lookup in PCAM to check that an attorney has accurately relayed their ARDC number.

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