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How do I add or edit a contact person in PCAM?

To add a contact, go to the PCAM Dashboard:

  1. Hover over “Administration” and click “Manage Contacts.”
  2. Select “Add new contact” (next to the “+” icon).
  3. Enter the new contact person’s information.
  4. Click “Save.”
  5. Click “Activate” (the next page you’ll see is the main Contacts screen).
  6. Click the Refresh icon; the new contact will show as “Active.”
To edit an existing PCAM contact, go to the PCAM Dashboard:

  1. Hover over “Administration” and click “Manage Contacts.”
  2. Hover over “Active” to the left of that contact’s name, then choose “Edit.”
  3. On the next screen, make the desired changes to that person’s information (you cannot change a username).
  4. Click “Save” at the bottom of that screen.
If you have a PCAM account and need to replace existing contacts with new contacts, select two people from your organization to designate as new contacts. Because these new contacts will be unfamiliar with Illinois MCLE and PCAM, they need to learn about provider responsibilities and course requirements.

Each of the two people designated as contacts must read and view the following:

  1. Carefully review the requirements for CLE courses and provider responsibilities here.

  2. Acknowledge in writing that: The provider is aware that an application to accredit a course is submitted to the Board when: (1) the provider completes course data entry in PCAM; and (2) the Board receives the correct fee (including any late fee).

    Also acknowledge in writing that:

    The provider is aware of the course submission deadlines and resulting late fees when submitting applications after the deadlines. The provider is also aware that these deadlines and resulting late fees are not waived or otherwise excused. These deadlines are critical for attorneys to know a course’s Illinois MCLE status soon after participating in the course, and the Supreme Court of Illinois sets all fees. Given that, staff cannot waive these deadlines and fees.

  3. One of the two new contacts must email the Board with (1) the two acknowledgments above and (2) the new names, phone numbers, and email addresses of the at least two replacement contacts.
Once we receive that email with the acknowledgments and the new contacts’ information, we will review our records for any issues to address. After that, we will provide the new contacts with credentials to the provider’s PCAM account.

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