Options to Earn CLE

Attorneys may choose from a variety of opportunities to earn CLE credit -- from traditional live and recorded courses to non-traditional activities, including publishing legal scholarly works and teaching certain CLE and law courses.

Options to Earn CLE:

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What types of courses or activities can satisfy CLE requirements?

The MCLE Rules specify a wide variety of ways to satisfy CLE requirements, giving attorneys great flexibility ...

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Where can I find free CLE courses?

Three Supreme Court entities offer free on-demand CLE courses ...

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What are non-traditional courses or activities?

The MCLE Rules define the non-traditional activities that can earn CLE credit within specified limits ...

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How do I claim teaching credit during my two- year reporting period?

First, be aware that credit calculation differs based on what you’re teaching – CLE course, law school course, or law course at a college, university or community college ...

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What general requirements and limitations apply to legal scholarship writing credits?

Writing and publishing law books and law review articles can qualify for non-traditional CLE credit ...

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