Apply to be a Provider

Thank you for your interest in offering courses for Illinois CLE credit. Here's what you need to know before you proceed.

Please review Items A, B, and C. They detail important provider responsibilities and every provider is accountable for knowing this information:

  • There is a strict 60-day course submission deadline. The application and correct fee must be received by the Illinois MCLE Board using PCAM (see Item C) no later than 60 calendar (not business) days after the course start date.

    A $25.00 late fee is added to applications submitted after the course start date. This deadline, in effect since March 2008, is critical to ensure that attorneys know a course's Illinois MCLE status within a reasonable time. Given that, this deadline is not waived for any reason. You must submit your application in PCAM and get payment to the Board no later than 60 calendar days after the course start date.
  • Course providers must accept certain responsibilities. Before proceeding, we ask that you acknowledge that you've read and accept these responsibilities. They begin when you apply for course accreditation and continue well after the accredited course is held. Please carefully review information about these responsibilities here:
    Individual Course Provider Course Checklist and Responsibilities.
  • All courses must be submitted through PCAM. PCAM, short for Provider Course Accreditation Management system, is the online system used to exchange information and documents during the accreditation process – from submitting course materials for our review through entering required information after a course. Thus, every course provider needs to access PCAM.

When you've reviewed items A, B and C, please follow the instructions in Step 1 below. Then read Steps 2, 3 and 4 so you know what to do and how we will proceed.


Please go to our Contact Us page to Send Us a Message. If you've never messaged us via our website, you'll create an account to do so. (This is not a PCAM account.) Include in your message these three items:

  • A short statement that the provider has read and understands Item A (the 60-day deadline), Item B (provider responsibilities) and Item C (use of PCAM).
  • The full name of the course provider requesting PCAM registration and all other names that the entity has used in the last five years.
  • Two to three sentences that describe:

    Types of CLE courses and topics the provider has presented or plans to present, expected audience (e.g., organization's own attorneys, open to all attorneys, invitation only, etc.), and number of courses the provider expects to accredit for Illinois MCLE each year.

An MCLE Board staff member reviews your information and checks our records for previous contact. He/she may consider publicly available information and/or request more information from you. If no issues are found, you will receive a link to the PCAM online registration form via e-mail.


Complete the brief online registration form and click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. It will typically be reviewed and processed within 4-5 business days.


If your registration is approved, you'll receive an e-mail with log-in credentials and instructions to access PCAM (check your spam filter if you don't see it). You can then use PCAM to submit courses.

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