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Effective August 5, 2019, there is a new format for reporting CLE credit earned by Illinois licensed attorneys at your Illinois accredited courses.

PCAM Video Tutorials, for attendance reporting August 5, 2019 and after...


 PCAM Overview (2:27 minutes)
 PCAM Features and Manual Attendance Entry (4:08 minutes)
 PCAM Teacher Entry (3:55 minutes)
 PCAM Certificates of Attendance/Teaching and Attorney Search (2:03 minutes)
 PCAM Creating a Batch Import File With basic Excel skills you can create an attendance batch import file. (4:06 minutes)
 Batch import process and overview (6:00 minutes)
 PCAM Bar Meeting Entry (2:28 minutes)


PCAM Documents


PCAM Attendance Import TEMPLATE effective for attendance earned on or after July 1, 2019
SPECIAL NOTE: This is a template, rows beginning with the "#" symbol serve as headers to guide persons who may be new to creating an import file. See the definitions for each column in the Attendance Import Instructions.


PCAM Attendance Import INSTRUCTIONS (Batch Processing) - Attendance Reporting effective for attendance earned July 1, 2019 and after - dated July 1, 2019. Technical document.

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Providers have submitted the following resources to assist other course providers. If you have a helpful checklist, tips or instructions you wish to share with other course providers email a weblink or PDF to,