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What is my first regular two-year reporting period after my newly-admitted attorney reporting period ends?

Your first two-year reporting period is displayed after you log in to the Board’s website and go to the “My MCLE” section of this website. 

Your last name on your admission date to the Illinois bar sets your two-year reporting period—either last name A-M beginning and ending in even-numbered years, or N-Z beginning and ending in odd-numbered years. Your first two-year reporting period begins after your newly-admitted attorney reporting period ends. You do not join a two-year reporting period that is already underway.

So, if your Illinois bar admission date is November 7, 2022, your newly-admitted attorney period ends November 30, 2023.  Your initial two-year reporting period then begins on the next July 1 that falls in an even-numbered year (for A-M last names) or in an odd-numbered year (for N-Z last names).

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