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What happens if I do not report compliance or exemption and pay the late fee by the grace period deadline for my NAA reporting period?

Supreme Court Rule(s) cited in this FAQ: Rule 796  .

On the day after your grace period extension deadline, the Director must refer your name to the ARDC for failure to report your compliance with or an exemption from your NAA reporting period’s CLE requirements. The Director must also refer your name if you failed to pay your late fee by the grace period deadline.

The ARDC will then send you a notice, which specifies the date they will remove you from the Master Roll of Attorneys (no sooner than 21 days from the notice date) for failure to (1) report compliance or a valid exemption or (2) pay an outstanding MCLE fee, or both.  Under the Rules, not receiving a notice is not an excuse for failure to report. Contact the ARDC or the Board if you have not complied with past deadlines but are not aware of your final deadline to comply, report and pay the late fee. 

The ARDC is authorized to remove you from the Master Roll of Attorneys on the date specified in the notice unless you report your compliance or exemption to the MCLE Board and pay the late fee before that date. Such removal is not a disciplinary sanction, but it does mean that you are not authorized to practice using your Illinois license until you remedy that removal. Rule 796(e).

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