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How do I claim CLE credit for attending a qualifying law school course and add it to My MCLE list of reported credits?

To claim CLE credit for attending a qualifying law school course, the law school must give you a certificate stating you complied with the course requirements and attended sufficient classes to justify course credit if you were taking the course for credit. We strongly suggest the law school use the Board’s form certificate. If another certificate is used, it must contain all the information required on the Board’s form certificate.

You must also report the CLE credit you claim for attending a qualifying law school course to the MCLE Board by adding it to your My MCLE list of reported credits. When adding the credit to your record, you have the option to request that the Commission on Professionalism approve all or a portion of the CLE credit for Illinois professional responsibility (PR) credit.

To add this type of credit to your record, login to the MCLE Board's website here, then click the “I want to...” drop down menu in the upper right corner, and select “Add Credits”.  On the next page choose the option to add Non-traditional credit. Then on the following page, select the Attend Law School Course option and then follow the steps to input the requested information. During the process you will need to upload the certificate issued to you by the law school as proof of your attendance.  After completing the submission process, your CLE credit from this activity will appear on your My MCLE list of reported credits. 

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