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Which attorneys admitted under a limited Illinois license are subject to the MCLE Requirements?

Attorneys with limited admission under the following Court Rules ARE subject to Illinois’ MCLE requirements for the duration of that admission:

  • Rule 716 – Limited Admission of House Counsel
  • Rule 717 – Limited Admission of Legal Service Program
  • Rule 711(g) – Representation by Supervised Graduates. Law graduates admitted under subsection (g) of Rule 711 must complete MCLE requirements. Please contact the Board at (312) 924-2420 for information on the special MCLE requirements for those admitted under Rule 711(g). 
Attorneys admitted with a limited Illinois law license under the following Court Rules ARE NOT subject to Illinois’ MCLE requirements:

  • Rule 707 – Permission for an Out-of-State Attorney to Provide Legal Services in Proceedings in Illinois
    However, an attorney admitted under Rule 707 who is also admitted as a Rule 716 in-house counsel or as a Rule 717 legal counsel must comply with the MCLE requirements so long as they remain licensed under Rule 716 or 717.
  • Rule 711(a)-(f) – Representation by Supervised Law Students or Graduates
  • Rule 712 – Foreign Legal Consultants (for MCLE reporting periods ending June 30, 2012, and after)
  • Rules 718 – Provision of Legal Services Following Determination of Major Disaster

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