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What types of courses or activities can I participate in to earn CLE credit?

The MCLE Rules include many options for earning MCLE credit, giving attorneys considerable flexibility. Subject to the Rules, MCLE Board requirements, and payment of required fees, acceptable CLE activities include:
  • Attend (more info) or teach (more info) an Illinois MCLE Board Accredited CLE Course;
  • Attend or teach a qualifying bar association or professional organization meeting (more info);
  • Attend or teach a qualifying live out-of-state or technology CLE Course not submitted by the course provider for CLE accreditation in Illinois (more info);
  • Attend J.D. or graduate level law course at an ABA-accredited law school (more info);
  • Part-time teach an ABA-accredited law school course (more info);
  • Part-time teach a law course at a college, university or community college (more info);
  • Judge a law school training simulation (more info);
  • Research and write legal scholarly work (more info);
  • Participate in a mentoring program approved by the Commission on Professionalism (more info).

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