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How do I find out if a course qualifies for CLE credit?

Generally, there are two ways that courses qualify for Illinois MCLE credit:

  1. Course provider accredited the course for Illinois MCLE credit

    The provider obtained Illinois MCLE accreditation either by submitting a course application or securing Accredited CLE Provider status under which all courses are presumptively approved for the accreditation period. To check a course's accreditation status, use the Board’s Find a Course or Provider search feature or contact the provider. If an in-person course is held in Illinois, but the provider has not accredited it here, an attorney cannot earn Illinois CLE credit for it.

    For each accredited course, the provider reports Illinois MCLE credits earned by Illinois attorneys for attending or teaching an accredited course. The provider must report your credits earned from attending or teaching an Illinois accredited course to the MCLE Board by the 15th day of the next month after you earn the credit.

    The provider needs your ARDC number to report your credit, so make sure they have the correct number. Click here to look up that number on the ARDC’s website.  After the provider reports your credit, it will display in your My MCLE section on the Board’s website. 

    You can check your credits reported by course providers in your online transcript on your My MCLE page on the Board's website.

    The provider must also issue an attendance certificate or teaching certificate for each Illinois attorney's participation in the course. Retain your attendance and/or teaching certificates and other compliance documents until your online transcript reflects your credits earned in the reporting period and for three years after your reporting period ends.

  2. If no provider accreditation, live out-of-state or live technology course may qualify

    If the course is live and held out-of-state or via technology, first ask the provider if it plans to accredit the course for Illinois MCLE credit or has done so. If not, you may be able to apply to claim it as Illinois credit for a small fee. To learn more about this option, please click here.

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