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Can an attorney request that the MCLE Board accredit an activity for CLE credit not specifically authorized by the Court's MCLE Rules?

Supreme Court Rule(s) cited in this FAQ: Rule 795 .

The Board is not authorized to allow MCLE credit for an activity not specifically authorized by the Court's MCLE Rules. To earn Illinois CLE credit for an activity, it must be specifically authorized by the Court in MCLE Rule 795. There is no process for an attorney to request CLE credit for an activity not specified in the Rule.

Additionally, the MCLE Rules expressly deny credit for:
  • Attending bar review courses before admission to the Illinois Bar.  If a course taken after admission meets MCLE standards, the provider may apply to accredit the course.  Rule 795(d)(10).
  • Reading legal materials.  This includes advance sheets, newspapers, law reviews, books, cases, statutes, newsletters, and other such sources.  Rule 795(d)(11).

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