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 Applying for Out-of-State CLE Course Credit
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 Issuing Correct Attendance and Teaching Certificates

Expiring June 30, 2015 due to Fee Schedule changes effective July 1, 2015
 Part 1 of 2, Entering Course Applications in PCAM (expires June 30, 2015)
 Part 2 of 2, Entering Course Applications in PCAM (expires June 30, 2015)
 Understanding Course Statuses in PCAM (expires June 30, 2015)
 Entering Course Attendance in PCAM (expires June 30, 2015)

2015 Fee Schedule Change
Recorded excerpts of MCLE Presentation to the Professional Development Consortium - Chicago, May 11, 2015

 Part 1 - Introduction
 Part 2 - Why the Fee Schedule Change?
More to come . . .

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Upcoming Compliance and Reporting Deadlines, Attorneys with last names N-Z

Attorneys in the N-Z compliance group need to complete their credits or be entitled to claim a valid exemption by June 30, 2013. Those attorneys need to report to the MCLE Board by July 31, 2013 ...

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Attorneys need to track their CLE credits

To prove compliance with the MCLE requirements, each attorney needs to do these four things ...

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Newly-admitted attorneys have special CLE requirements

Newly-admitted attorneys must complete special CLE requirements within a year of being admitted to the Illinois bar ...

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Free or low cost CLE courses

Many course providers offer free or low cost CLE courses. Attorneys can search on the Find A Course or Provider page of this website ...

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Courses and Activities that qualify for CLE credit

The MCLE Rules specify a wide variety of ways to earn CLE credit, giving attorney great flexibility ...

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