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How many times may a provider present an approved recorded program?

A course provider may submit a course application to accredit recorded format courses for a credit-eligible time frame of up to two years. Each program must include interactivity with a qualified commentator: (1) the opportunity for each participant to ask questions; and (2) the ability to receive a prompt response from a person qualified in that subject.

Here are examples of interactivity for recorded courses:

  • Participants may ask questions by telephone, monitored email, or return mail with the commentator responding in a reasonable amount of time. 
  • Participants may ask questions via online communication, such as a monitored chat room, with a qualified commentator responding within a reasonable time. 
Once approved, given that recorded courses can be credit eligible for up to two years, the provider must report attendance and pay attorney attendance fees monthly for the entire accreditation period. The provider can choose to seek accreditation of a recorded course for two years, but the provider can also choose a shorter accreditation period. 

If no Illinois attorneys participated in a given month, no report is due for that month.  After the recorded course’s two-year eligibility period, the provider must re-apply with a new application to continue offering it for CLE credit. If the content is updated, the provider must apply to accredit the updated course or activity.

Instructions for ending a recorded course’s credit eligibility 

The provider will need to end the course’s credit eligibility if the recorded course’s content becomes outdated or if the provider decides to stop offering the course for Illinois MCLE credit. Once the course provider does that, no attendance report will be due after the month in which the accreditation ends.

Here’s how: 

  1. In PCAM, locate the course, and select the Edit icon to the left of the course title. 
  2. On the Delivery Methods page, edit the recorded availability end date to the current date or a date in the future that does not exceed the already entered media availability end date.
Important: click “Next” at the bottom of every page, so you advance through the pages and save your changes. Select “Finish” on the final page to submit the change.

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