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What should I do if I have not completed my CLE credits by the June 30 completion deadline at the end of my two-year reporting period?

Your completion deadline is June 30 at 11:59 PM Central Daylight Time at the end of your two-year reporting period -- even-numbered years for A-M compliance last names and odd-numbered years for N-Z compliance last names. By this date and time, you must finish all hours due in that two-year reporting period. If you do not meet the June 30 deadline, you cannot report “complied,” even if you finished your hours just past midnight on July 1.

The best option: report Not Yet Complied to the Board by the July 31 reporting deadline. With that report, you automatically receive a 61-day grace period until September 30 to finish your credits and report compliance. When you report compliance, you pay the lower $100.00 timely non-compliance fee, instead of the higher $250.00 late fee assessed for not reporting by July 31. The Court sets those fees so staff cannot waive them.

Credits earned in the grace period first apply to the just completed two-year reporting period. Excess hours can go to the (now) current reporting period that began July 1.

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