What happens if I fail to report my compliance, non-compliance or out-of-state exemption by my July 31 reporting deadline?

Supreme Court Rule(s) cited in this FAQ: Rule 796 .

If you do not report your compliance, non-compliance, or out-of-state exemption to the Board by July 31 of your reporting year, you are automatically granted a grace period extension until September 30, but you will owe a $250.00 late fee.  

Under the Court’s Rules, failure to receive the Initial Notice sent to you by the Board about the reporting period, and the applicable deadlines, is not an excuse for failure to report by the July 31 reporting deadline. It is also not a basis to request that the MCLE Board waive the $250.00 late fee for failing to report by Jul 31 deadline.  The Court set the $250.00 late fee and it cannot be waived. 

With that extension, you have until September 30 to earn the needed credits and report compliance – or report an out-of-state exemption that was valid by June 30 of the reporting year and pay the $250.00 late fee. A valid out-of-state exemption means that the attorney was entitled to the exemption on or before June 30. Rule 796(a)-(d).

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