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What happens if I fail to report compliance or exemption and pay my late fee before the ARDC’s final deadline for a two-year reporting period?

Supreme Court Rule(s) cited in this FAQ: Rule 796 .

If you fail to report your compliance or exemption and pay the late fee before the final deadline set by the ARDC for the reporting period, the ARDC is authorized to remove your name from the Master Roll for MCLE non-compliance. Removal means the attorney may not practice law using their Illinois until reinstated, but it is not a disciplinary sanction. Rule 796(e).

If the ARDC removes your name from the Master Roll for MCLE non-compliance, your status with the ARDC will be "unauthorized to practice law." That status will be visible on the ARDC website's “Attorney Search” until you complete the steps to be reinstated to the Master Roll and are reinstated to the Master Roll.

If you placed your license on retired status after the reporting deadline and were thereafter removed from the Master Roll for MCLE noncompliance, your status on the ARDC's website will read: “Retired - Removed and not authorized to practice law".

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