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How does an attorney request reinstatement after removal from the Master Roll for MCLE non-compliance?

The attorney may be reinstated by the ARDC on the MCLE Board’s confirmation to the ARDC that the attorney is now in compliance. This happens only after the attorney reports full MCLE compliance for each reporting period for which the attorney was removed. 

To achieve this, the attorney must earn credits for or be exempt from needing to earn credits for each of the reporting periods for which the attorney is removed, report that compliance or exemption to the MCLE Board for each reporting period and pay a reinstatement fee with each report.

Removed attorneys can find out how many CLE hours and what fees will bring them current with their MCLE requirements by clicking here and logging into the Board’s website. After logging in, click the “Report Now” button that will appear on that page. On the next page, the attorney will see detailed information specific to their situation.

After the attorney reports and pays the reinstatement fee for each reporting period for which the attorney was removed, the MCLE Board will inform the ARDC that the attorney is now in compliance with their MCLE requirements. Then the ARDC will return the attorney’s name to the Master Roll unless it is removed for another reason (e.g., removed for failure to register with the ARDC or removed for discipline reasons).  

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